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New - fourth edition of Mordownik takes place in Stadniki near Dobczyce on Saturday 12 of September.

Forigners who come to take part in the competition may get English or Polish description of control points.

We hope to see more quests from abroad this year while english version of web page has been launched.

See you soon!

MORDOWNIK is foot or bike ultramarathon with elements of orienteering.
Each person gets a map, and control card which is used to confirm control points by punching.
The characteristic of specific courses can be find HERE.
You can register soon.
To see detailed terms see RULES.

How to get THERE.




Kategoria: english 2014



§1 General 


  1. Rules of orienteering run „Mordownik”
  2. Organisers:
    1. Kierownik sportowy  Mordownika - Jan Lenczowski,
    2. Kierownik organizacyjny  Mordownika - Tomasz Skiba,
    3. e-mail: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie obsługi JavaScript.
    4. Main referee – Tomasz Skiba
    5. Track constructor – Jan Lenczowski,


§2 Where and when?


  1. Mordownik takes place in 12-14 september 2014
  2. Place –  Jaśliska and nearby area.
  3. Base – Gimnazjum (School) in Jaśliska (near Dukla), Jaśliska 170, Poland.


§3 Tracks and categories.


  1. Foot track 50 km (TP 50)
    1. Clasified in Puchar Polski w Maratonach na Orientację (national cup in orienteering marathons 50km)  for 50 pkt.
    2. Time limit 14h
    3. Mass common start
    4. Free sequence of taking control points („PK”)
    5. Individual clasification in categories men (M) and women (K).
    6. Obligatory equipment: ballpen, electric torch, first aid kit (mini set).
    7. Underaged participants over 15 only under supervision of adults.
  2. Bike track 130 km (TR 130)
    1. Free sequence of taking control points („PK”)
    2. Time limit 14h.
    3. Mass common start.
    4. Individual clasification in categories men (M) and women (K).
    5. nderaged participants over 15 only under supervision of adults.
    6. Bikes and equipment brought by participants.
    7. Obligatory first aid kit, ballpen, lights.
    8. Classified in national cup of bike orienteering marathons.
  3. Foot track 25 km (TP 25)
    1. Time limit 10h
    2. Mass common start.
    3. Classifcation individual men and women.
    4. Underaged from 12 allowed under supervision of adults.
  4. On every tracks:
    1. Individual classification categories:
      1. TP50 “K” i “M” and veterans "KW" i "MW" (from age 50)
      2. TR130 “K” i “M” and veterans "KW" i "MW" (from age 50)
      3. TP25 "K" i "M"
    2. Classification of teams and mix teams (at least 1 woman in team). Minimum 2 persons teams are classified. Number of control points (PK) is taken first, than finish time of the second teammate is taken.

§ 4 Competition rules


  1. Time and control points.
    1. Participants can walk or run (TP50, TP25), or ride bike (TR130). No external support allowed..
    2. Control points are marked with red and white flags with needle punch equipment.
    3. The route between control points is chosen by participants as well as control points sequence.
    4. Half of total control points on track is necessary to be classified.
    5. Proving of contro point finding is done by punching paper control card.
    6. Only participants who get to finnish point are classifed..
    7. Posision in final classification depends on quantity of control points taken (1) and finnish time (2).
    8. Team clasiffication is provided for teams (at least 2 teammates), quantity of control points and final time of second person is valid .
  2. No other maps then provided by organiser are allowed.
  3. GPS devices can only be used to record the track.

§ 5 Program


  1. Friday 12 september 2014


  • 18:00 - 22:00 - reception of participants


  1. Saturday 13 september 2014:
  • 5:00 - 6:00 - reception of participants

  • 6:30 - information for TP  50km

  • 7:00 – START TP 50km

  • 7:30 – information for TR 130 km

  • 8:00 – START TR 130km

  • 8:30 – Information for TP 25 km

  • 9:00 – START TP 25 km

  • 13:00 -22:00 reception of finnishers

  • 16:00 first winners ceremonies

  • 15:00 - 23:00 - hot meal for participants


3. Sunday 15 september 2014:

  • 8:00 - official results anounce/decoration of 'Immortals'
  • 9:00 - end of competition, leaving the competition base. 


§6 Registration and entry fee


  1. Registration only electronic on web page - ENTRY FORM.
  2. Entry fee 75 PLN or 20 EUR.
  3. Underaged up to 18 and persons over 60, entry fee is 50 PLN or 15 EUR.
  4. If entry fee can not be transfered, we can accept it directly before the competition, in this case inform us by e-mail.
  5. Transfer details:
    1. account IBAN: 90 1030 0019 0109 8510 0184 3899
    2. Swift: CITIPLPX
    3. Adres: Jan Lenczowski, Kruczkowskiego 69, 05-070 Sulejówek, Poland.
    4. Include: „Mordownik” , category, Name and surname of participants covered.


§ 7 Benefits:


  1. Set of maps

  2. 2 nights sleep over (common room, no beds - sleeping matress, and sleeping bag needed)

  3. Changing rooms, toilets, showers with warm water.
  4. Warm meal after finishing course.

  5. Water and snacks on track (one refreshing point on each track)

  6. Insurance for accidents.

§ 8 Prizes


  1. statuette MORDOWNIK for category winners,
  2. t-shirt for every participant,
  3. medal "IMMORTAL" for participants to complete all control points on TP50 or TR130 in time limit.


§ 9 Participants duties


  1. Organisers can change rules and inform competitors before the start.
  2. General rules of law should be observed..
  3. Participating in Mordownik is voluntary, participants taking full responsibility for their safety, and will not claim compensation from organisers. Related form would be signed by participant before start.
  4. Each participant should sign out in finnish point or call organiser +48697032727 to inform about resignation (due to safety reason). 


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